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Face to Face Appointments


It is important that you feel comfortable and have the time to choose the right counsellor for you, therefore if you choose to meet with me for an initial meeting, we will talk a little bit about you and why you are here and what you would like to achieve from the sessions.


At the end of the session we will discuss if you feel that we can work together therapeutically, addressing your concerns and needs, I may ask you to take some time to think about this and let me know within the week how you feel about continuing together. 

If you are happy to continue, from there, we can book another appointment to move forward with your counselling, usually on a weekly basis

Telephone / Online Counselling

If you would prefer telephone online counselling, we would have an initial conversation as above and see if having telephone / online counselling may be right for you, and to see if you would be happy to continue working with me via this medium, for online counselling I currently use Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Facetime and WhatsApp.

If so, as above, we can look at booking another appointment for you to continue your counselling journey, again, usually on a weekly basis. 

Walk and Talk Counselling


I offer 'Walk and Talk' sessions in some of our local parks, beaches, Coastal Paths and Natural Areas. Being side by side, outside with nature can be an organic place to reflect and explore as well as heal and help you balance emotionally. I am happy to walk, talk and listen in all weathers. 

As above, we can look at booking an appointment for this service. 

Group Therapy and Support Groups

I offer Group Therapy for example young people with school pressures or people with anxieties or loss and bereavement with both young people and adults. I also offer support groups for people for anxiety, illness, work related concerns and offer support to companies wanting staff support and more bespoke groups. Details of these groups can be discussed further to fully meet the needs of those wanting the group sessions. 


Individual sessions are 50 minutes long

Couples sessions is One Hour long


£45 per 50 minute session at any time, for Young People (13-17 years old)

£55 per 50 minute session for individuals before 5pm on weekdays

£65 per 50 minute session for individuals after 5pm and at weekends


£85 per one hour session for couples before 5pm on weekdays

£105 per one hour session for couples after 5pm and at weekends

£55 per 50 minute telephone/online session at any time

£70 per 50 minute walk and talk at any time

Please enquire for Group sessions

A reduced rate of £35 for our initial 50 minute meeting for individuals and £65 for our initial 60 minutes meeting for couples, where we will see how you feel in the counselling space with me and if you feel counselling will be of benefit for you at this point. 

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