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Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes ~ Carl Jung

How can counselling help

Counselling can help in all aspects of your life whether you feel like you need it or not. 

At points in our lives we sometimes feel helpless, out of control or hopeless. Sometimes we struggle with anxiety, relationships, work, family, loss or you may have feelings of nothingness and not understand why. 

Counselling can help as a talking therapy, it is a secure, safe space where you can talk about whatever you feel like. It could be something that's happened in your week, it can be something that's happened in your life years ago, whatever you want to be discussed can be explored in a non judgemental and safe way. 

I am not here to advise you but to be with you as a way to help you understand and work things out, however, with my support we may identify certain patterns with your feelings and behaviours which you may not be aware are affecting your life. 

Counselling can be turbulent journey and not always easy, however, it is a journey you take to begin to find a new self awareness, clarity and acceptance, continuing your life in a more emotionally healthier way. 

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